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Oldalainkat 26 vendég böngészi

Dear Visitor,

Do you know how big fabrication become globally?
Have you ever thought about the number of new products a year and how few of them disappeared?
Is the consumption proportional with the number of the population? Is horse riding about commerce as well
or about the nature and the animals? There is no unique answer for these questions but it is true: the extention of the
development is not healthy any more. It seems a banality but the exploitation, the rape of our nature is not a good investment.
First of all, we would like to act for good goals by cutting down the fabrication and by using existing goods. On the other hand,
there are some riders who prefer the environment of their beloved horses to the sparkle, to the resplendence of the saddle.
Some of them would like to buy new one but there is no budget for it. That is why we would like to make
branded saddles and accessories of good quality, available for anyone
What is more, even if indirectly, but we would like to contribute
to the protection of our nature.
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